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Nutritional Supplements

(See also: restauration of health)

In the chapter "Nutrition" (restauration of health), we briefly addressed the reasons why nutritional supplements are necessary. We will make some general recommendations here and kindly request that you apply this information to making your own decision. When you visit our office, we will gladly consult with you on this matter.

Initially, there are vitamins: Preparations are necessary which cover the entire range of vitamins and minerals. The nowadays prevailing deficiency is generalised in nature, and the bodily systems must be able to filter that out which is necessary. As is similar with food and water, everything must be available here - and that in a certain degree of excess. Yet these should not contain the wrong ingredients (such as chemicals or medications), because the body then requires an even larger quantity of "vitamins" in order to metabolise these harmful substances. - that is to say, this is a further reason to offer a certain degree of excess, particularly in the context of restoring health.

Here, we make no specific recommendation - in the past, this has been interpreted as "advertising" (there seem to be certain entities with a great interest in preventing the restoration of sound health...) The only recommendation I wish to make here - because it is not very widely known and one overlooks it too easily - is Ambrotose. This is a preparation made of so-called "anti-sugars", I would say. It consists of those sugars which are necessary to facilitate the development of the extremely important effect of proteins and fats. That has a great deal to do with the immune system and the overall regulation of bodily systems. Pleas read more about this here: restauration of health.

Then, we will further address the topic of nutritional supplements is relation to cancer treatment. I recommend taking large quantities of curcuma and Resveratrol, along with a few apricot kernels. Please be sure to seek out good sources on the Internet.

In the course of our day-to-day work with patients, it is possible that these things sometimes may not be covered to the optimum extent; this is why you have to take your health into your own hands.